XƎTEX is an extension of TEX that integrates TEX's typesetting capabilities with (a) the Unicode text encoding standard (supporting most of the world’s scripts) and (b) modern font technologies (TrueType and OpenType) and text layout services (AAT, OpenType layout, SIL Graphite) provided by the host operating system and available libraries.
With XƎTEX, the advanced typographic features provided by OpenType fonts become available for all TEX users, as well as support for complex non-roman scripts. XƎTEX also eliminates the complex task of managing a TEX font installation. XƎTEX is now part of the standard TEX distribution TEX Live and works well with TEX macro packages like LATEX and ConTEXt.

Getting started

XƎTEX is included in TEX Live (since its 2007 release) and other distributions that are based on the same sources. With these distributions, no additional XƎTEX installation is required. To get TEX Live go here. Mac users may prefer to install MacTEX.


Some documentation and examples provided by the developer can be found here.

Bugs and features

We try to collect bugs and features requests in an ordered manner, so...

Source code

The source code for the current development version of XƎTEX is hosted in a GIT repository, check the instructions on SourceForge page.